Handshake Battle in Singapore – Young’un vs Donnie Boy

I think the little guy might have edged it! Young’un was strategically positioned on the right for most encounters. I think he put some thought & practice into his preparations for the summit. And he came, ready to play the game. Really smart. Maybe the smartest summit move ever. Of all time!Fist Bump-C

But how did he do it?

It’s tough enough to wield the bully boy handshake tactics from the seated position but you’re coming from behind when the opponent is seated to your right. And Young’un was seated at the right of the pairing for every seated encounter. This gives him the Dutch Reach advantage. What in the name of jumpin’ jacks is that, I hear you ask!

Now the Dutch Reach is primarily thought of as a way of opening your car door so as not to cream a passing cyclist with the door. And it’s a very good thing for that, we should all do it more often!

But it’s also a way for a little dictator to cream a big dictator in a handshake battle. By having to reach over from the right, the little guy’s hand was already pronated. Or in the superior position. On top!

If you’re not prepared for this sneaky move, the opponent will automatically find his or her hand supinating towards the inferior, or lower, position. They have to match the immovable superior position of the combatant reaching across the body, you see! And that’s pretty much how Donnie Boy found himself in all the seated handshakes during the event. Young’un did a real number on him during most encounters.

Donnie Boy must have felt that he was losing but he had no clue why. You could see him in the standing handshake almost jerking Young’un across the stage when their hands connected. You could tell that he was trying to recover from those earlier losses. I’d have to give that one to Donnie Boy but you wouldn’t believe it, I think Young’un still had his slightly over the top.

You’d have to think that a little bit more preparatory work would be required if a different result was hoped for at the next get together. It’ll be an exciting series to watch, no doubt!

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