Welcome to The Wry Eye

I could have called this space “Fat Guy Runs Amok” but I thought “The Wry Eye” sounded a little more sophisticated! And it’s more appropriate for my utter incredulity at allowing my weight to creep back up. Yet again! Okay, it didn’t creep, it soared back up this time. The old saying applies … if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry!

I’ve successfully lost weight on numerous occasions. But I’ve managed to regain it. Every single time. There are plenty of good weight loss diets out there but I’m trying to figure out a diet that I can live on. Not only to lose weight, but to happily thrive on when I’ve reached a weight I’m comfortable at. You may relate to some of my challenges. And some of my comments may suggest some alternative ways of thinking for you. After all, I’m trying to figure out how to have a healthy diet that includes ice-cream & French fries!

If you are interested in following along, or in making a contribution along the way, please … come on in. And welcome.


PS … I’m on here blogging for fun & I don’t want to be part of any diet war. I have my opinions & it’s totally okay for our opinions to differ. I enjoy doing this (I sometimes blog instead of having another snack!) & it does make me feel better. If you wander in here from time to time, I hope it makes you feel better too!