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I specialize in gaining weight & losing money! I wish I was kidding but it’s true. In fact, I’m screwing it all up so badly that my reason for continuing to blog about my ongoing failures is to amuse & entertain those who are doing better! Maybe someone out there will take pity & send me a magic wand to fix things! LOL

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Focusing on diet, food & weight loss all the time makes me a little crazy so, sometimes, I’ll post something that falls into another category. You might enjoy posts in the Silly Stuff, Hardly Politics or Tech Toys sections too. I added the Losing Money section, just for my kids. They won’t read books on the subject, so I’m trying to help them avoid my mistakes by posting little synoptic pieces they can read, on their phones, in under 2 minutes. None of this information is investing advice, since I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. That means I am not a professional advisor or planner, so do not make any asset allocation, investing or tax decisions based on anything you read here. Be warned! I’m just hoping to remind my kids of some of the things I’ve told them (when they probably weren’t listening), so maybe they can avoid some of the financial potholes that I’ve fallen into! LOL

Here’s hoping we all get lucky with our efforts to improve things.

Physically & Fiscally!