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This all started out differently, but it’s morphed into a way for me to encourage my kids to save & invest. While they have time on their side. To be honest, my kids might already be doing things better than I did at their age. When my kids were young, the only wealth building education I provided was yelling at them to turn off the lights.
Hey, I still think unnecessary waste is … well … unnecessary.
But the guilt from not having done more is killing me!

I have a way to go yet, but as I edge closer to retirement, my investing strategies are changing. So I’ll share some of my musings (that’s what they call them as you get older!) with my own age group too. How much do we really need for retirement? What if we don’t have enough? Can we go broke in the stock market? Are we paying too much for advice? House or condo? Own or rent? Jamaica or Florida in winter? 😉
I probably have far more questions than answers, but I’ll share my stories anyway. And please feel free to share yours with me.

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Maybe we’ll get to clink glasses under a palm tree somewhere during retirement!


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