Top 10 Things to Irritate the Irish with on St. Patrick’s Day!

Top 10 Things to Irritate the Irish with on St. Patrick’s Day!
Irish Habanero

Some Irish facts for the day that’s in it …

  1. If you want to use the diminutive of the name of our patron saint, the correct version is St. Paddy’s Day, NOT NOT NOT St. Patty’s Day. I’m sure St. Patricia was a lovely woman but we don’t celebrate her on March 17th. Remember that we have Liam Neeson, with that special set of skills, for folk who get this wrong!
  2. I’d have to be under severe duress before I’d even look at green beer, never mind drink it! And no, you do not contaminate a good pint by putting green sprinkles on the top of a Guinness!
  3. Irish nachos are not corn chips with some green crap thrown all over them. Irish nachos are made from spuds! Preferable thinly sliced (to maximise grease absorption!) & fried, of course. Then you throw the bacon, sour cream & green crap all over them!
  4. While I love corned beef & cabbage too, the traditional Irish dish is bacon & cabbage. There’s no point in looking for it outside of Ireland, it doesn’t taste the same. That’s why the Irish adopted the corned beef thing when they came to America. If you’re outside Ireland, you might be forgiven for going with the corned beef & cabbage.
  5. Don’t assume we all know Bono! Though I did work with the Edge’s brother for a while! And now that I think about it, I think a lad I worked for at one time, actually worked with Bono’s brother!
  6. I don’t think I have ever said “Top o’ the mornin'” to anyone in my entire life. Nor has any Irish person ever said it to me!
  7. No, I have no idea how to spell leipreachán. Feck off & look it up yourself!
  8. A four leaf clover does not represent the Irish shamrock. If you smuggle the real thing out of Ireland to plant in your foreign garden. It will die within 24 hours. But remain green after it’s death. (You know I make some of this crap up, right!?!)
  9. We tend to overlook the fact that the lad was English. And we’d be grateful if you didn’t ask us to explain all that to you!
  10. And last, but not least, it’s just pointless me trying to adhere to a diet on St. Paddy’s weekend. So I’m off to have an Irish coffee to start off the day. And I’ll probably have a pint for my morning coffee break. NOT!

Spread the green love … Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all! 🙂

Smart Way to Open a Blister Pack & Store Batteries!

Smart Way to Open a Blister Pack & Store Batteries! 

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Safe & Easy Blister Pack Handling & Battery Storage

I’m fed up talking about diet & weight loss at the moment so, today, I thought I’d share something useful instead. This is something I stumbled across recently. After decades of shredding my fingers & hands with the sharp edges of cut blister packs, I discovered this method purely by accident.

If you’ve ever found your hands in similar condition after doing battle with a blister pack, I hope this helps.

It had reached the point where I would take out the antiseptic ointment & some plasters ahead of opening a blister pack. Knowing that a sharp edge or corner was going to reef at least one digit during the process of extracting the ridiculously well-guarded product. This last time, I found the holy grail!

I’m using my favourite battery blister pack as the example in this case, because batteries come with an additional problem. Or at least that’s true when you’re OCD like me! I have a horrendous fear of a couple of batteries bouncing around in a drawer, in the company of a couple of paperclips & a tissue. I can’t but imagine the paperclips perfectly connecting the battery terminals, so as to complete the electrical circuit & to then create sufficient energy to set the paper on fire & burn my house down. I know, I know! But it’s just how I am. And there are stories out there.

Anyway, I like to preserve the condition of the formed blister pack, in order to safely store the batteries in it. Since they are already all nicely aligned, with the positive terminals all facing in the same direction, they stay that way if you can store them in the original pack. And they are protected from any potential contact with those dreaded paper clips & tissue paper!

If you hunt down online solutions to blister pack challenges, you’ll find people suggesting all manner of techniques. But many result in the destruction of the blister pack, rendering it useless for long term storage. They also suggest the use of tools ranging from tin snips, through scalpels, & on to box cutters. I’m almost surprised there aren’t more recommendation for power tools! Not only do you have to worry about cutting your hands, now you’ve got to worry about cutting through your kitchen counter top! You can even buy a custom tool, designed specifically for cutting blister packs. I have one. It’s useful but it’s not as good as this little technique.

In this instance, I just used my favourite scissors. I decided to cut off the big useless piece of cardboard at the top, as you can see in the top left image. This was just to make the package easier to handle. But then, I accidentally broke the little strip of card that remained along the cut edge. You can see this sticking out on the bottom left pic. It’s the little white strip sticking up in the air. As I handled the package to pluck this little strip off, the blister pack, with all the batteries, began to slide out!!!

Flipping the pack over, I then realised that the backing card on the blister pack was now the perfect sliding cover for my little battery storage box! That the pic on the right hand side of the collage. All my batteries are now stored this way. Of course they are stored in their own little basket. On a high shelf. With no paperclips or tissue paper anywhere in sight!!!

Come on now, that’s a neat little technique, isn’t it!?!

Have a great weekend! 🙂