Stress & Weight Gain

Stress & Weight Gain I seem to need a little stress in my life to overcome procrastination. I loudly proclaim how much I detest deadlines. They are never far enough out to allow me to get things done, perfectly, before the due date pops up on my calendar. But the reality is that I seem … Continue reading Stress & Weight Gain

A Lifetime Achievement Award

A Lifetime Achievement Award I gave myself a lifetime achievement award yesterday ... and the reward was one of my childhood favourites: egg 'n' chips for dinner, three fried eggs and the entire basket of French fries. All for me! This was followed by an utterly decadent blueberry ice-cream, with chocolate. Then I ate the … Continue reading A Lifetime Achievement Award

Keeping Busy When Fasting?

Keeping Busy When Fasting? I thought I'd try a fast day at the weekend. My fast days are typically shortened when I give in to temptation and eat dinner in the evening. That's not all bad but, every now and again, I would like to do a full wake cycle fast. Aside from weight loss, … Continue reading Keeping Busy When Fasting?

Free Meter for Weight Loss

Free Meter for Weight Loss Blood glucose monitors are devices that we tend to associate with diabetics. According to the CDC, in 1958, about 1% of the US population were diagnosed with what was then called Adult Onset Diabetes. Nowadays, the number is approaching 10% & it's no longer just adults being diagnosed. This is … Continue reading Free Meter for Weight Loss