What’s That!?!

Why I should get out more!

I totally missed my weigh-in on the 1st of the month. I think my subconscious took over & kept it from the conscious side of my brain. I discovered why when I stepped on the scale a couple of days later!

I’ve tried being nice to myself & I’ve tried yelling at myself. Neither approach worked. I’m failing, miserably, at the weight loss game, at the moment. Did the same cajoling & yelling thing trying to quit smoking. Same result, I’m still smoking. Sometimes, you just need to take a break & do something completely different.

I blew the dust off the health app on my phone & thought I’d try getting outside a little more. Maybe that would blow some of the dust off my addled brain. So I’ve been talking a walk, only a short one, every day for the past 3 days. A walk by the water is especially calming.

Today, my app gave me a little encouragement. It told me that my average daily step count for October is already better than my average daily count for all of last month. For cryin’ out loud, it’s only the 6th! What on earth was I doing in September!?! No wonder the scale isn’t budging!

Don’t worry, I know what average means. I’m just trying to trick my lymbic system here! 🙄😜😂

I should probably carry on with these little walks, eh? And perhaps without that whole cajoling & yelling thing.

Motivation is sometimes hard to find. But there’s probably no need for adding that kind of abuse to the recipe. I’m just going to let it be for a little while & see what happens. I’m beginning to think that motivation, or at least the forced kind, is a little overrated.

Meantime, & before winter sets in, I’m just going to enjoy the walks & see if I can get some nice fall pics along the way.

Hope you are enjoying the walks in your neighbourhood. And if your walks happen to be in the vicinity of white sandy beaches, shaded by palm trees, please send me some pics! 🌴🍹

Stay safe out there.

Gurus & Diets

Gurus & DietsCows & Flowers

I’ve always loved modern gurus. You know the kind I’m talking about, the ones that leap & bound around the stage, exhorting us to be the best we can be. No! We can be even better than that! These days we sometimes call them life coaches. You can take courses on how to be a life coach so there are life coach coaching gurus to follow now. I’m guessing most graduates of such courses do a good job but when I spend my hard earned money, I want to see a superstar in action. I want to be entertained, motivated, exhorted to the max. There are gurus like this in every field. Promising athletic levels of fitness, bodybuilder musculature, huge wealth through investment & real estate schemes, all of which will make us rich beyond our imagination. And, of course, there are the gurus of diet.

While I am still entertained by such figures, & I continue to listen & learn from them, I’m aware that my initial enthusiasm wanes back to normal after about 3 days. Since most of us who listen to these highly motivating people are not slim & fit millionaires, I’m guessing that decline in enthusiasm happens for most people. I’m disappointed with myself when that happens, of course. I know it’s not the gurus fault, it’s mine. I didn’t do it right. I didn’t follow the rules. I didn’t step up. I’m not suggesting that it doesn’t work for some people, it certainly does. The testimonials are there to prove it. Over the long haul though, it just doesn’t seem to work for me.

This seems particularly apt when it comes to diet. Weight loss feels like it should be more of a leisurely walking marathon. Perhaps with a little jog here & there. For me, it’s certainly not an explosive, short, sharp sprint to the finish. It’s difficult to maintain such a high level of intensity all the way down to our goal weight. There is nothing wrong with an occasional sprint. But for most of us, most of the time, we need a strategy that allows us to succeed at a slower pace. One that allows us to still feel good while the finish line is out of reach. A system that, somehow, hangs in there when we’re just not feeling that super-high level of motivation. A lifestyle that doesn’t demand huge sacrifice each & every day.

We could really use an approach that is more suited to that pace of living. Not one aligned with wishful thinking. We need an approach that is flexible enough to match the realities of actually living life.

Now that’s all starting to sound quietly amazing, restful even. Despite the low key, I’m almost a believer already. And that’s without all the motivational theatrics!

But I wonder if my scale will agree with me when I return from vacation! LOL

Madama Butterfly & Weight-loss

Madama Butterfly & Weight-loss

I have no idea why, but I’m suddenly overcome with the desire to see an opera. It’s not like I’m an opera buff, not even close. I’m more an occasional top twenty opera fan guy. Nor do I really know anything about opera, I’ve only ever been to one performance in my life, Madama Butterfly. My eyes are filling up just remembering it! I didn’t even understand the words but it was so moving that I couldn’t help it. Naturally, at the time, I totally denied suffering such an emotional response … but I did.

I’m constantly amazed by the emotions that come with listening to opera. Un Bel Di Vedremo makes me tear up. Carmina Burana makes the hair on the back of my neck rise, every time. Nessun Dorma does both. I love Vesti La Giubba & Habanera, & so many more. This stuff has the power to move. It doesn’t matter if the music & words are of today, or yesterday. It doesn’t matter the language. It’s just wonderful to be moved.

Now that I’ve mentioned Habanera, it reminds me of the hot habañeros that are growing on my back deck. And that this is a diet & weight loss blog!

Yesterday was a one of those over-the-top all-you-can-eat days. I’m not sure I meant it to be at the start of the day but I know that I’d switched gears by lunchtime. Today should probably be a fast day. Or at least a partial fast day? Oh, I just can’t make up my mind, I’m off to blubber in the corner for a bit, while I decide!

Maybe I’ll listen to some opera today. It has the power to generate a different body chemistry. And it might be one that can overcome other temptations!

Lay Off the Fat Guy in NJ!

Lay Off the Fat Guy in NJ!Coffee & Stainless Steel

I listened silently as Canada & Montenegro were identified as potentially threatening warring nations. I felt like all the NATO leaders could, themselves, push back against outbursts that might undermine the solidarity of the alliance. I can almost see why Vlad the Lad might have some appeal to some people. Perhaps if you imagine him as a bad boy villain in a Hollywood movie script. But … I draw the line when you blame hacking on the 400 lb fat guy in a basement in New Jersey. Why wasn’t it the skinny, nerdy guy? Maybe with glasses? It could have been a totally buff athlete! That was also smart. Equally, it might have been a woman. In any of those guises.

Why did you pick on the fat guy?

That was just …. well …. wrong!

Nobody is more critical of our being fat than we, our own fat selves, are. We know exactly what we look like. And what we feel like. We also know what we look like on the inside. And that isn’t always the person we see looking back at us from the mirror. We don’t need to be told by anyone else. Those that love us hurt us sometimes too. Many overweight people probably know more about diet, nutrition and health than most folk who have never had to worry about such things. The kind exhortations to get in a little walk, and to try portion control, are worthless. Skinny people … go pet a puppy instead. Please!

I get the modern movement to get us fat people healthy. Even if we are to remain fat. I totally understand that it would be nice if we could all accept each other as we are. It would be even better if we could love ourselves, regardless, added fat & all. It just doesn’t work for me! Despite how nice some people are about it, I don’t think it really works for them either. There is no slim person I know who looks at me & wishes they had my shape. And personally, even on a day where I’m at one with myself & the Universe, I would still rather be slim too.

Or is that … I wouldn’t rather still not be slim too. That’s your double negative, right there! 🙂

There are so many challenges. So many failed dieters. Is it even possible?

Down 6.2

Dancing With a Broken Knee

Dancing With a Broken KneeSalsa

It can’t be done at my weight! I have no clear recollection of where it comes from but I love Latin dance. Salsa, bachata & merengue, I love them all. After years of sporadic attendance at class, I’m still a beginner but I love it anyway. It just feels so good. I’ve also come to love the music. Though, as a fat older white guy, I’m sometimes a little self-conscious as I drive around; windows down & Enrique Iglesias or Romeo Santos blasting out at levels where I’m old enough to know better. I remember slow dancing at the disco to some of Enrique’s Dad’s songs! LOL

About a month ago, I blew out my knee. It’s not right yet & I am hopping around favouring the good one, so no dancing at the moment. Evening time is one of my greatest challenges when I try to lose weight. Lying on the couch, watching TV, is a recipe for failure. It’s one I keep on testing & it works every time: I snack & get fat! During most weight loss attempts, & when my legs worked, I’d pop on my headphones, head to the deck, & bop around for the duration of a song or two. Sometimes, the music would get to me & I’d abandon the TV, in favour of an hour of music listening.

Music has a lot to offer towards weight loss. Not only can it stave off a snack-attack, it gets us up & moving. I don’t think the calories burned make much of a contribution. Rather it’s the stress reduction that comes along with moving to, & listening to, the music.

I’d like to do more of this. And I’d really like my knee to get on with repairing itself. Dancing on two legs is challenging enough! 🙂