Feeling Sorry for President Trump

Feeling Sorry for President Trump I am so reluctant to admit this out loud, but I'm a big reality TV fan. I was first hooked by Temptation Island. I know, I know, but I couldn't help it, I loved the show. I always thought that it was too easy though. They should have had longtime … Continue reading Feeling Sorry for President Trump

Lay Off the Fat Guy in NJ!

Lay Off the Fat Guy in NJ! I listened silently as Canada & Montenegro were identified as potentially threatening warring nations. I felt like all the NATO leaders could, themselves, push back against outbursts that might undermine the solidarity of the alliance. I can almost see why Vlad the Lad might have some appeal to … Continue reading Lay Off the Fat Guy in NJ!

Let Them Eat Plastic!

Let Them Eat Plastic! I watched a CBC Marketplace show the other day. It might have been a rerun of an older one, but it was all about plastic water bottles. We've all heard the horrible stories about plastic in the ocean impacting fish, whales, and so on but this one was about their potential … Continue reading Let Them Eat Plastic!

Black & White

In today's political climate it seems like nothing is black & white. I find myself constantly having to dig for background information to try to get a picture of something resembling reality. And even then, I am unsure that I have a clear picture. Perhaps there is no perfect picture for many complex situations. With … Continue reading Black & White

Weight Loss & Immigration Policy

A friend of mine recently shared a post suggesting that we take care of our homeless & veterans before adding to the country's immigrant burden. I had an immediate negative reaction to it. Of course, I would like our homeless & our veterans taken care of, but does that have to be at the expense … Continue reading Weight Loss & Immigration Policy