Results … Month #19

I’ll take it!

Phew! This was a very messy month but that’s not a bad result, all things considered. And I was considering all things, good & bad, as being diet-worthy this month! Holy smoke, did I eat some stuff that really makes me cringe as I look back.

What saved me? Fasting!

I alternated fasting with bingeing & I can now confirm that I can outbinge a one day fast. Pity that, but it is what it is. I could have exercised a little more control. But I didn’t. And what gave me the result for the month were a couple of two-day fasts. And some vaguely vegetarian days.

This is a new departure for me. I have a lifelong bias towards being a carnivore. Over the past couple or so months, I’ve caught myself making veggie-heavy meals. Worse, I found myself choosing fish over real meat in restaurants. At times, I’ve ignored my need to avoid starch, & I’ve had potatoes AND rice at the same meal. What is going on here!?!

I’m a little worried now. I can almost see myself turning into a tree-hugging, green-loving, vaguely vegetarian kind of guy who takes reusable bags to the grocery store!

Now if all that makes losing weight a little easier, I might be okay with that. But one thing for certain … I think, maybe, perhaps … is that fat, animal or vegetable, will be a part of whatever dietary aberrations I find myself following next.

Any other vaguely vegetarian folk out there with any advice?

Roll on spring, have a great February & Happy St. Brigid’s Day!

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