Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas 2018

Not everyone celebrates Christmas but that shouldn’t stop us sharing the spirit of joy, giving, and celebration together. Of course, it can be a time of great challenge for those of us trying to lose weight! My diet has been terrible this month and I’ve written a letter to Santa Claus, asking for some magic diet dust to help me out as the year winds down. I haven’t checked under the tree yet but, fingers crossed, he has delivered.

I have very few excuses left for my lack of adherence over the course of this month. We have working appliances now so I can cook real food again. Yet I still find myself gravitating towards all the bad stuff. Cookies and dessert seem so much easier to grab as I pass through the kitchen. It’s time I gave myself a Christmas gift and went back to eating more whole, real food again.

I have learned one thing during the month though. And this isn’t the first time I’ve learned this particular lesson.

The longer you continue to eat poorly … the more difficult it is to stop.

Of course, I knew this already. It’s not like like this is a new “light bulb” moment or anything. I just didn’t want to say it out loud. Why I’m saying it out loud on Christmas morning is beyond my comprehension. Why couldn’t I have waited ’til after the Christmas dinner? And dessert!

The other big lesson I’ve learned over the past couple of months is one on the value of writing a daily entry in my journal. It doesn’t have to be a daily essay. Even a short entry, done each day, is a mental reset that can help steer a better dietary course. I have been very erratic in my journalling over the past six or eight weeks, to my detriment.

I think I’ll enjoy my Christmas dinner today. And I will have dessert. I may even behave badly on the following day. But I think I’ll make an extra effort to journal about it too. If you haven’t tried journalling before, give it a shot. I’m not talking about a detailed food journal, or anything like that. Just a little résumé of each day’s trials and tribulations can often provide a stabilizing influence that is quite remarkable. And it’s a great place to vent a little too!

Whatever the light that lights your way, I hope it shines brighter on this Christmas Day for you.

Merry Christmas!

Printing & Dieting

Printing & Dieting Printing & Dieting

I don’t print very often but when I do, it’s usually for some last minute emergency thing. This is roughly what happens when such an event arises …

  1. Wireless printer connection lost.
  2. Reboot printer, laptop, modem & any other piece of electronics within a 100 yard radius.
  3. It comes alive!
  4. Print a draft copy of aforementioned critical document to see if everything is okay.
  5. Everything looks great, so now print a best quality page.
  6. That doesn’t work, so must change printer cartridge.
  7. Don’t have new cartridge, swear several times.
  8. Go to store & buy new high capacity color cartridge.
  9. Come back, stick it in, & print alignment page.
  10. It doesn’t look right & the scanner can’t scan it. Error!
  11. Twenty minutes later, discover that it was the black cartridge!
  12. No spare black cartridge either. Back to the store.
  13. Leave store, only to realize that all the good paper has been used up testing.
  14. Phew! At least I hadn’t gone back to the office again.
  15. Come back, spend another twenty minutes & a dozen more pages of paper to confirm that everything is working correctly.
  16. Admire first good print. And yes, it’s good!
  17. Go for coffee & cigarette to de-stress.
  18. Now have coffee ring on the corner of the good page! S@#$!!!

Despite how many times I’ve printed stuff over the years, this seems to happen all the time.

My experience with starting diets, & adhering to them, sometimes resembles this process. But it’s particularly difficult to stick with the dietary plan when you’ve got to deal with this printing challenge to kick the day off!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂