Comfort Food

Comfort Food Who doesn't love comfort food? We need it even more when winter drags on & on. I was looking at green grass for most of winter but now, suddenly, I've got snow mountains on the sidewalk. And we have a polar vortex that's chillin' things down for a day or two. What on … Continue reading Comfort Food

THINK Yourself Thin … Maybe?

THINK Yourself Thin ... Maybe? Yesterday's post on the Glycemic Index, the Glycemic Load Index, and the Insulin & Satiety Indices triggered a few questions. I wasn't suggesting that any particular index was the right way to build a weight-loss diet. Nor was I saying that the indices were worthless for doing that. I was … Continue reading THINK Yourself Thin … Maybe?

Madama Butterfly & Weight-loss

Madama Butterfly & Weight-loss I have no idea why, but I'm suddenly overcome with the desire to see an opera. It's not like I'm an opera buff, not even close. I'm more an occasional top twenty opera fan guy. Nor do I really know anything about opera, I've only ever been to one performance in … Continue reading Madama Butterfly & Weight-loss