OMG … I’m Prejudiced!

It’s not my fault. It’s all those foreign foods!

Japan has shabu-shabu & sushi. Mexico has burritos & tacos. Italians have all those delicious pasta dishes. And I thought antipasto was supposed to counter the effects of all that spaghetti but now I’m told it doesn’t. China has real food in China but here we have all you can eat Chinese buffets with heavily breaded particles of protein & French fries. German sausages are to die for, aren’t they? In Canada we have lobster & cod on the east coast. Salmon & oysters on the west coast, Alberta has beef. The French influence on Quebec might be obvious but they’ve got the best pizzas & subs too. Along with poutine! And please, don’t talk to me about India … how can a billion people in India be really skinny, & I can’t pass by an Indian restaurant in the car & not gain? It’s funny how even contemplating a diet, at any level of deprivation, can focus the mind so much on food. Actually, it’s not the least bit funny. It’s just cruel.

I grew up eating a little bread with my butter. And now I can’t even inhale the aroma of freshly baked bread. You could have spuds at every meal & real Irish bacon & cabbage, with heavily buttered floury potatoes. It’s a gourmand’s delight. We have great cultural diversity here, the cuisines of the world are on our doorstep, so I feel obliged to try everything. And, short of chicken feet, I love most things. Mind you, I could probably use more leafy greens in my diet. Though I do use cilantro & basil in sufficient quantity that they might qualify.


And now that I’ve mentioned that … I think it’ll be a Thai Basil Curry for dinner tonight. But is that with, or without, the rice!

TGIF & enjoy the weekend!

French Fries & Commitment

I think I used Canada Day as my tipping point. I’ve almost subconsciously been trying to eat a little better since then. It’s been a vague effort at eliminating sugar laden foods, some bread. And I’ve skipped an occasional meal. I like to call that intermittent fasting. Makes it sound like I’m doing something more sophisticated than I really am!

However, I did succumb to a couple of ice cream shop visits. Hey, it’s hot & I was out with family. What can you do. And there was that one smoked meat sandwich where I was supposed to have removed the bread. The fries count as resistant starch. And I didn’t eat them all. Okay so I only left a couple!

Where do we find the motivation to take care of ourselves? It’s a serious question … please … I need the help, tell me what stone I need to turn.

Smoked Meat Sandwich copy

Down 2.2lbs