French Fries & Commitment

I think I used Canada Day as my tipping point. I’ve almost subconsciously been trying to eat a little better since then. It’s been a vague effort at eliminating sugar laden foods, some bread. And I’ve skipped an occasional meal. I like to call that intermittent fasting. Makes it sound like I’m doing something more sophisticated than I really am!

However, I did succumb to a couple of ice cream shop visits. Hey, it’s hot & I was out with family. What can you do. And there was that one smoked meat sandwich where I was supposed to have removed the bread. The fries count as resistant starch. And I didn’t eat them all. Okay so I only left a couple!

Where do we find the motivation to take care of ourselves? It’s a serious question … please … I need the help, tell me what stone I need to turn.

Smoked Meat Sandwich copy

Down 2.2lbs


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