Why Do I Eat Cheesecake?

Why Do I Eat Cheesecake?Cheesecakes

Because my daughter makes the best cheesecake. And I mean the best cheesecake. She reduces the sugar content in her recipe, just to appease me. But then she adds white chocolate chips (those little blobs of synthetic whiteness are probably about 90% sugar!) & the base is made from those very famous cookies. You know the ones, the two dark biscuits with that creamy white center. Some folk like to dunk them in milk. I don’t want to say the name in case I trigger a snack-attack for anyone!

Anyhoo, these single-serve (hah!) cheesecakes are to die for. And when my daughter makes ’em … I eat ’em!

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to resist, I decided, well before the olfactory symphony came wafting from the kitchen, to limit myself to just two. I had been eating really well prior to this latest round of baking. I was at a point where I was losing weight gradually. I was not feeling hungry. I was enjoying a designer binge here & there. The very occasional intermittent fast, mostly just skipping breakfast & lunch, was easy. Everything was puttering along beautifully. And then came the cheesecakes. I didn’t have just two, I had three. What can I say, you can barely pack three into a bowl but they look so nice fighting for space there. Naturally, I poured about half a cup of heavy cream over them. Maybe a little more than that. But it’s only to blunt the insulin response, you know!

That was three days ago. And it’s only today that I’m getting back to feeling as safe & as well as I know I can feel on my new diet. During that time, I had to cram a bunch of safe starch (potatoes!) into my face. Along with cream-covered fruit & nut desserts. Anything to avoid the potential of eating something worse. Needless to say, the scale doesn’t hide the truth from me.

On the bright side, though, I am developing some really good strategies for avoiding falling off the dietary cliff. You know, like the times when you have just one cookie. Followed by the rest of the pack. And then you’re suddenly calling for pizza delivery. And yes, please, I’ll take the two bonus one-liter bottles of pop for a dollar! We need strategies for handling such urges & mine seem to be working well at the moment.

In real life, there will always be those times when we will consciously, deliberately, eat something not quite right for us. And if that’s the case, we need to know how to survive those occasions.

So why did I really eat the cheesecake?

While I really love my daughter’s cheesecake … I love my daughter even more!


Secret Weight-loss Tip!

Clean the FridgeBet you won’t find this tip in your favourite diet book …

Clean your fridge on Saturday morning & don’t plug it back in ’til Monday!

It’s amazing. I feel like I ate anything I wanted to, & any time I wanted to, over the weekend. And it worked!

I’m just too lazy to go all the way to the back-up fridge for snacks. Okay, I admit it, it’s a beer fridge. But, I swear, there isn’t any beer in it at the moment! Anyway, that was a pretty big deal for me, especially since I spent half the weekend watching the return of the Premier League season. I watched three or four games … and all without snacks.

Boredom & opportunity are diet killers. Mindless eating in front of the TV is one of my biggest challenges. Until I lose enough weight that I feel motivated & light enough to move, I like my time on the couch. I’ll never lose enough weight for that to happen if I’m snacking non-stop while I sojourn. Not that I’m ever expecting to move enough to lose weight with exercise, I’d just like to get back to walks by the water & other little therapeutic mind-chargers like that.

Now that the fridge is back up & running, I’ll have to see if I can avoid restocking it with all those tempting goodies! 🙂