Secret Weight-loss Tip!

Clean the FridgeBet you won’t find this tip in your favourite diet book …

Clean your fridge on Saturday morning & don’t plug it back in ’til Monday!

It’s amazing. I feel like I ate anything I wanted to, & any time I wanted to, over the weekend. And it worked!

I’m just too lazy to go all the way to the back-up fridge for snacks. Okay, I admit it, it’s a beer fridge. But, I swear, there isn’t any beer in it at the moment! Anyway, that was a pretty big deal for me, especially since I spent half the weekend watching the return of the Premier League season. I watched three or four games … and all without snacks.

Boredom & opportunity are diet killers. Mindless eating in front of the TV is one of my biggest challenges. Until I lose enough weight that I feel motivated & light enough to move, I like my time on the couch. I’ll never lose enough weight for that to happen if I’m snacking non-stop while I sojourn. Not that I’m ever expecting to move enough to lose weight with exercise, I’d just like to get back to walks by the water & other little therapeutic mind-chargers like that.

Now that the fridge is back up & running, I’ll have to see if I can avoid restocking it with all those tempting goodies! 🙂


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