Get Fat Like the Cat!

Get Fat Like the Cat! At the weekend, our pet store was sold out of the grain-free cat food so we picked up a small bag of the regular stuff, to tide us over. That word "regular" is potentially one of the most dangerous words in the modern North American vernacular. We talk about regular sugar, … Continue reading Get Fat Like the Cat!

Dieting on the Road

Dieting on the Road It's not as challenging to eat "well" on the road as we dieters like to imagine. I'm not talking about going the chicken salad route (hold the chicken skin, the croutons, the dressing and the dried fruit & nut pieces) ... you can do that if you want but that's not … Continue reading Dieting on the Road

Let’s Get Fat!

Let's Get Fat! Today, if you ask me if I have a sweet tooth, I will say no. In fact, I have always totally denied any leaning towards sweet things. "Give me a rib steak over dessert any day!", I would assert. My history might suggest otherwise! Doughnuts (or donuts!) are really cheap in my … Continue reading Let’s Get Fat!