Am I a Blogger Yet!

As usual, after months, maybe years, of procrastination … I’ve jumped headfirst into one more thing, totally unprepared. This site & blog is focused on those of us who are middle aged. OMG … I can’t believe I just said that out loud. Crap! Though that might not have been the word that first came to mind!

I’d like this to be a place to swap notes with others who are chronologically challenged. But who are really waaayyy younger on the inside. Some of us are smarter than our kids when it comes to tech toys but some of us are not. It might be nice to have a place where we can ask questions & maybe pick up some tech tips. Without having to make like we’re idiots in front of our now-adult, eye-rolling, children. There may be a few of us looking for something that prevents our slowing metabolisms adding a bit of girth. And maybe some of you have found the answer. Discussing politics is such a combat sport these days. Perhaps we can do some of that without having to call in the army. Who knows what it will turn into. If enough of us find a groove where we like to hang out, then that’s probably what it’ll be.

By now, the younger set & the very partisan will already have been bored stiff & stopped reading. I’m hoping those that continued will hang around. Now we can talk about our kids. Share stories about how we totally screwed up raising them. And try to figure out, together, if there’s anything we can do to fix things. Maybe we can even talk about how we’re not yet ready for retirement without getting embarrassed. Are we emotionally ready for that? How about financially? Most of us are probably carrying a cartload of guilt on all the things we did wrong. Hopefully here is where we can share the horror stories. And laugh at them together.


And please hang around long enough ’til I get the hang of how to do a 2nd & more posts before making your mind up.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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