Fat, Food & Weight Loss

One of my favourite topics of conversation is food. I love to talk about food. And I love to cook food, & to eat food. Though perhaps it would be more appropriate were I to focus on weight loss. I think I’m an expert at it. Despite that expertise, I’ve just hit a new all time high recently. And I’m blaming that on having quit smoking. Again. I just quit about 4 or 5 months back. If you force me to recommend a favoured diet, I would have to go with some of the low carb regimens. I was an early fan of the original Atkins program & I lost a ton of weight on it. I was even a little sloppy with how well I adhered to it, but it all worked out well anyway. I shed over 100lbs & I was looking so hot (or is that cool for a guy?) again! That all happened as part of my coming to that perfect storm: the turning forty mid-life crisis. While I added a rebound 12 or 15lbs at the end of the weight loss phase, I kept most of it off for about 8 years. I think that qualifies as success in the dietary world.

So how did I get back to a new all-time high? It doesn’t matter, I just did. And now I’m starting over. I’m far too embarrassed to say how much I weigh at the moment, maybe later. I did try to stop my inexorable rise to the top. But I just couldn’t. I did make several attempts, using my tried & test low carb approach from before. Nothing worked. Actually everything worked, I just couldn’t do it for more than a week or two before relapsing into a carb orgy again. I’m kinda daring myself to do it this time, by putting this out. And I’m going to try something a little different. I just can’t live my life without French fries, ice cream & other goodies of that ilk. It all sound a little crazy but if this works out, I’ll share more along the way. My expectations are low. They say ninety nine point something percent of dieters fail, then relapse & go back to square one. Or square one plus. I have to say that, historically, I resemble those remarks!

Wish me luck!


PS … Still haven’t got a clue what I’m doing but I’m going to try to get this stuff connecting to my social media accounts. I’ll start with Twitter!

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