What are Real Americans Thinking?

GatorThat’s it, no more going to the diner for lunch!

They’ve always got one of the cable news channels on & it’s all beginning to stress me out!

What I really want to know is this …

Where do Real Americans stand on Canada bashing?

President Trump is pounding on Canada again. Today on an ABC News interview, while basking in the afterglow of his new bromance with the North Korean leader, he continued to pummel Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. He finished off another Trudeau bashing session by saying: “That’s (referring to Trudeau’s post G7 summit remarks) going to cost him a lot of money.”

And all this while continuing to heap praise on the DPRK’s dictator.

Meanwhile, the White House Trade Advisor, Peter Navarro, walked back his “special place in hell” comment about the Canadian Prime Minister. While it’s being billed as an apology, it wouldn’t impress me much as such. Seems like you’re better off not being an American friend & ally these days. What gives!?!

Unless they are not seeking reelection, most house & senate republicans remain silent. Is this a reflection of what people on the street think? I’m not talking about the anti-Trump people here but ordinary, everyday republicans. Or any person who is not heavily polarised in the current economic climate. Are real, everyday Americans okay with their President treating America’s friends in this way? And if not, do you speak out? Are you letting your President & representatives know that it’s not okay?

Or … should we be getting really scared up here!


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