Do we Still have to be Nice, Ma?

I’m politically confused. I think I always was but it’s getting worse. The Progressive Conservatives swept the provincial elections in Ontario yesterday. Sweeping out the Liberals in the process. Along with giving the NDP their best result ever, & official opposition status. Though I realised that I was probably wasting my time, I actually voted for what I felt was the good of the province, rather than for my own short term good. How big of me, eh! Not that it mattered, the candidate I voted for lost & the one that won was the one I would have voted for if I was looking for personal benefit so all is well. Now I get to feel good about being so magnanimous & I get the benefits of my fellow Ontarians having voted more wisely than I.

What a load of tripe! I have no idea what I was playing at.

Politics is now an entertainment industry, with success driven by tweets & posts. Information is shared by marketing soundbites, none of which have to be substantiated. Party politics is just weird in modern times. Get some money & the party machine behind you, keep singing the same song ’til everyone knows the chorus & you’re in business. And in power.

While we usually get around to copying them, I suppose I should be grateful that we’re not yet mimicking the reality TV politics of our cousins south of the border. I watch that stuff all the time & I think it ought to be called “Battling Billionaires at the Big House”. Up here, the billionaires seem to keep a lower profile. I think they send out their multi-millionaire lackeys to do the political dirty work. And to engage with the regular people. Regardless, while I’m grateful to not be short of any essential need, I think we’re all being played.

How come we don’t know for sure already whether trickle down economics works or not? One side wants to reduce taxes on everyone, especially business. The other wants to tax everyone, with a proclaimed bias towards the rich & corporations. We’ve been doing this for years, wouldn’t you think we’d have figured out which way is best by now? Why do we give one side a shot for several years, then we get tired & try the other side? It’s been flip-flopping for ever, shouldn’t we all get together & do some study on this? There ought to be a right way to do things.

I’m beginning to think we’re looking at the wrong axis. The divide isn’t between left & right. It’s up & down. Though I’m not sure if that axis is based on wealth & power, or intelligence. Perhaps both.

All a little too simplistic? Sure it is. But remember how they’re winning our votes these days & tell me how it can be any other way!

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