Double Double Your Money

I started pulling information together to help my kids save & invest almost 3 years ago & the end result is this …

Double Double Your Money was released on Amazon today.

It is a guide to saving & investing that primarily targets younger investors & those just starting out on their journey. That said, I could have used something like this at a much older age myself! It might also be a useful resource for other parents looking for some ideas on how to guide their own kids towards a saving & investing program. Like all Dads, I’m trying to prevent my kids making some of the mistakes I made. As parents, we know how that usually goes. But we’re parents, so we have to keep trying, eh!

While the broad principles apply in most places, the focus is on Canada, where we can tap the value of tax-sheltered accounts like our TFSA & RRSP. The Canadian CPP & OAS programs provide some support in retirement but there’s a lot more we need to do to for a comfortable retirement. In my twenties, I couldn’t even imagine thinking about retirement. Nor do my kids. So I cover some exciting things like getting rich, becoming a millionaire on minimum wage, early retirement, FIRE, & anything that I think might suck them into saving & investing sooner!

Not to worry, there’s no silly stuff here. I’m a little too conservative & risk-averse for that. And I worry more about losing my kids money than I do my own. But the importance of building a financial strategy as early as possible is a huge deal. I hope this works to get younger investors, including my own kids, motivated enough to get things going.

You’ll find it across most Amazon markets in Kindle & hardcopy formats, & you’ll find it in the Canadian market here.

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