A Line in the Sand?

I thought “a line in the sand” was moveable, not immutable. You know: more like a line in wind-blown shifting sands. Or a line that is eradicated by the tides. One that must be redrawn to accommodate changing circumstances, that kind of thing. I always thought of a line in the sand being something that you could play with. Something you could shift around based on new information that might have you changing your mind. Or one that has you changing positions based on fear. Regardless of the circumstances that dictate the change, all you’d have to do is swish your foot over the line in the sand & it’s gone. Only to be redrawn elsewhere. To suit whatever today’s longings & limitations might be.

Flip Flopping

Now when my mother “drew the line”, I knew it wasn’t a line in the sand. It was a much firmer line. Possibly even a red line. And one that that were I to cross it, would have me in serious trouble. This is a whole different kind of line.

As it happens, when I looked it up, it turns out that the line in the sand is supposed to be more the kind of line my mother used to draw. But it’s treated more like what I believed it to be. Politicians, for example, are always drawing lines in the sand. But next day, they don’t only move the line, they move the whole beach.

The bottom line is that most lines aren’t worth the sand they’re drawn upon. Even my own. I often find myself flip-flopping on lines that I draw in this proverbial sand. It sometimes happens so quickly that I wonder why I bother drawing lines at all.

But I really wish I could draw a line on some of the crap I put in my mouth so I could lose some weight!!! 😊

PS … Happy Canada Day!!!

One thought on “A Line in the Sand?

  1. Good luck with the weight loss but the most important thing is that you gave up the cigarettes.you can’t do both together. Almost everyone who gives up the ciggies puts on weight , eating as if there will be a food shortage,it’s like compensation for the loss of nicotine. I know I’ve done it several times says I whilst smoking yet another nail in my coffin.just try stay off the chocolate,still that supposed to be good for you(in small doses) and a glass of red wine is good for the heart.dont stress about the weight too much everything in moderation. By the way your wallet will definitely get slimmer as you get slimmer and need to buy new clothes. Lol here, too much weight runs in the Maher family, sally always complaining she got the Maher’s arse as she calls it.i think the only thin one was my Paddy he was a bag of bones , I wonder who he took after. Anyway good luck again with your battle against the flab.

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