Dieting on Vacation

Dieting on Vacation

It’s impossible, right? The jury is out for me on that question, just for the moment. But I’m cautiously optimistic that I’m not doing too much damage. I doubt I’m getting off scot-free but if a diet cannot accommodate such things, what use is it for living an enjoyable life? While I am committed to enjoying my vacation to the fullest, a very interesting thing happened yesterday … I left food on my plate!

I genuinely can not remember the last time that happened. I’ve been eating reasonably well for the past month & a half, could it be that my ability to recognize satiety is returning? Or was it just guilt because I ate half the slab of fish that my dining companion didn’t want to eat!?! Hey, it was all locally caught, & I’m here for that local experience, what can I say!

Regardless, I actually left some food on my plate. While I can still clearly hear my Ma’s adminitions to “clean your plate”, advice I’ve unfortunately followed since childhood, I was just a little smug getting up to leave. 😃

I might try that again sometime. Even if it’s just one bite!

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