Can You Out-feast a Fast?

Can You Out-feast a Fast?Dessert

You can! Or at least I can. And especially if I make poor food choices on an all-you-can-eat day, following a fasting day. But, of course, this is not the goal. If you’re mixing intermittent fasting with, say, a low carb diet that is working for you, then you should probably try to stick reasonably close to that low carb regimen when you decide to “fill ‘er up” on a feast day. You’ll eat a whole lot more but the menu should still, generally, adhere to the regimen that is working for you.

The beauty of fasting is that it can be very forgiving but don’t expect a minute by minute response on the scale. A big rib steak is going to sit in the tummy a little longer than a big bowl of salad. Both mind and body will look forward to a feast day. And you know you’ll just have to have dessert as part of it. Here’s a dessert I like to use on such a day. I know I should probably be heading off to the forest to pick wild nuts. And hacking down cacao pods to make my own chocolate. But I don’t! I buy a bag of Prana’s Kilimanjaro deluxe chocolate mix instead. Even the single raspberry came from a bag of frozen fruits. But I did pick the two mint leaves from my own garden. That’s counts for something, right!?! 🙂

The white stuff is 35% whipping cream, by the way. The other point of note is that my dessert is in a ramekin. Which I have to admit is a total con. I usually have my dessert in a large bowl or container! I should have gone with the bigger serving yesterday too because the smell of fresh baking brownies got to me later in the day. I stuck one of those bad boys in the bottom of a tall mug & covered it with frozen raspberries. Then I filled it to the brim with whipping cream. I really should listen to my own advice sometimes. Much though I enjoy it when I don’t.

Ah well, I wanted to try losing weight more slowly this time anyway! LOL

What on earth am I LOLing about, that’s just nuts. Or nuts & chocolate! LOL again!

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