World Cup Diet!

France Hotel de Ville

World Cup Diet!

I love soccer! And today is the biggest futbol day on the planet. I fasted yesterday so that I could feast today. I have too many connections with France not to support Les Bleus but I am blown away by the success of little Croatia making it to the final. And who knows what will happen come match time.

Typically here, we do wings, pizza and beer for game day. This might not be a good idea while I’m getting my head around losing some weight. And while I love French cuisine, I had no idea what foods were popular in Croatia so I thought I’d give that a go instead. I found an ajvar that I’m told is a typical condiment for sausage in the region. I couldn’t find any Croatian sausage so I went with a pack of debreceni. This is Hungarian, but it’s as close to Croatia as I could get on short notice. To give my almost-Croatian meal an Irish accent, I have to figure out how to add spuds and cabbage to the plate. I’m really looking forward to the game, and the food, today!

It’s far too early in the morning to be thinking about this, I’m hungry already! So let’s get back to yesterday’s fast instead. Intermittent fasting is a bit tougher to do when you call it that. I typically don’t eat breakfast. And it’s really easy to skip lunch when I’m busy. The downside, when I’m not trying to lose weight, is that I’m inclined to start my one meal shortly after 6:00pm. And not stop eating ’til I go to bed. I know how to overcompensate. In the past, when I have dieted to lose weight, I occasionally found myself missing breakfast and lunch. At evening time, I sometimes took advantage of that and would skip dinner too. It never bothered me. It was easy to do. And the number on the scale next morning always rewarded me. Now that I know it’s an “official” form of weight loss dieting … it’s excruciating!

Alone, or blended with any other dietary regimen, fasting can help with weight loss. And it may even contribute other health benefits. Not every time, but most days, I find it reasonably easy to fast for one complete wake cycle. Sometimes I’ll make it to the evening meal next day before eating. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of the additional health benefits only come with fasts that run from 3 to 5 days.

I’m not there yet but watch this space!

Allez Les Bleus!!!


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